Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recipes for Healthy Living Cookbook from Zazzle.com

UPDATE: Thank You Zazzle for awarding me with an Honorable Mention in the recipe binder contest.

Zazzle has teamed up with Avery Binders to offer a recipe design contest. I was able to get my entry completed and entered in the nick of time. Deadline to enter was November 2nd at 11:59 PT.

I love making patterns in photoshop and I thought it would be fun to make a pattern out of fruits and vegetables. I created simple food shapes in illustrator (orange, banana, peas, broccoli, tomato, and bread) and then imported them into Photoshop and created a pattern with them.

Food Pattern for zazzle and avery recipe binder design contest

There are a lot of great entries out there. To check out all the other entries, just click on my product link below and then in the search field on the top of the page, type in zazzleaveryrecipecontest2009