Saturday, October 18, 2008

Giving Back - A silent auction to help out a little girl in need

A very talented photographer friend of mine has started a silent auction to help out a little girl in need. Zoe was diagnosed with trisomy18 and she was not expected to live past the first few months of life. She has made it past 6 months and is still fighting to live.

My friend has taken photographs of Zoe and her family and just started a silent auction to raise money to help out the family with some of their mounting medical bills. Please take a look at her blog.

You can help by bidding on any one of the fabulous items up for auction or by donating an item yourself. I have donated an 8x10 portrait drawing rendered from one photograph. See auction #6.

Please check out Samantha Provenzano's blog at

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MaryMarsh said...

What a nice and thoughtful thing for you to do. I feel so for the family having to deal with such a terrible situation. God bless.